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Brain of brains!

Posted in internet by neurocolls on augusti 1, 2009




This is not about creating a thinking computer with own consciousness! It is about creating a collective brain of all brains. Though today the internet is still the medium, the message then gets to be the message to finally become like the air we breathe.

In the first stage we will be able to ask questions to the web directly from the brain and get the answer directly from the network back into the brain.

Instead of keyboard / screen or voice control / speaker. We can ask questions to automated services, searcha for pictures, read the information near and far. We can chat with other people. Augument reality with devices and innovations. That is now fixed faster and smoother.

Today we have protocols. It will be expanded with neurocolls. The current (primitive) IP / TCP / UDP / http looks a certain way is largely coincidental. If the brain can transmit messages over the implanted devices or brain waves can communicate with the apparatus of the outside of the head is secondary in the same manner as if the IP runs on copper, coaxial, fiber or radio.

When will children be constantly connected online? The earlier the better the brain adapts to these cognitive and motor capabilities. Note: adapt, neurocolls provide signaling capabilities, but there will be excessive possibilities for different brains to benefit them in ways that are difficult to predict and which exists on a completely different level than planned.

Gradually we enter a new phase: much more direct brain <-> brain communication. Probably people will be able to convey ideas in ways that are not possible now with the language and the senses. For example, convey blue as the color, not the word, and not by sight. Then the brains <-> brains.

To what extent will even ones own brain to handle questions from other brains in the background without reaching consciousness. Our brains already have the ability to act in the background. To the degree that the most parts takes place in the background behind the wall of consciousness. Apart from all the autonomous basic system we communicate with odor, body language etc. without full awareness. Both the unconscious and conscious what takes path over neurocolls and will extend into and form everyone’s mind.

We will be able to see with the eyes of others! Not figuratively, but literally,  … not through a web camera without actually using another person’s vision or multiple people’s views simultaneously. A person can sit in a house in the north of Europe looking out over a valley in Asia, perhaps even negotiate to take over the head and eye movements of the moment from that other person, or maybe even hike part way up the trail where a few goats graze.

Should we have the right to disconnect from the network. Should we have the right and opportunity to set up the firewall in its own brain that denies access to some privacy? Or, conversely, what right do I have access to everything in the others’ mind. I  own the right right to seek information, but how deep into other minds?

Will individual identity survive?

Will we be able to think more splendid thoughts? Realize the things that we are not able to realize with only one brain?

Will a new  consciousness arise from massive neurocolls networked brains? Or several new consciousness of free will?